What is testicular torsion?

Testicular torsion is one of the emergencies encountered in Urology. With testicular torsion the cord bringing blood to and from the testicle is twisted, the blood supply to the testicle is interrupted and it will eventually die. How long that takes depends on the circumstances and the person, but most urologists consider four hours the maximum time of torsion to prevent injury. The more time torsed, the more injury will be incurred. A torsed testicle is usually very tender, and doesn’t retract normally with cremasteric muscle stimulus. It usually swells as well. Some people have intermittent torsion – the testicle rotates into a problematic position, but can be returned to normal anatomic position without treatment. If you suspect torsion, go to the emergency room for evaluation. If you have intermittent pain but no lasting torsion, make an appointment to be seen by your urologist for evaluation – sometimes surgery is done to ensure the testicle cannot torse. The opposite testicle is usually fixed in place when a surgery is done to prevent a torsion on the other side.

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