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Navy Pilots and Kidney Stones

For a long time, Navy pilots have been required to be completely free of kidney stones. A few Navy urologists, led by Dr. Masterson, studied this in some detail. They found that in 30 years and 54 million flight hours there has not been a case of a mishap related to kidney stones. [read more…]

Erectile Dysfunction Affects Up to 50% of Diabetics

This study confirms something I’ve seen over and over again in the clinic. 50% of men with diabetes also experience erectile dysfunction. Hypertension makes this even worse in my experience. The summary is in the findings reported by Diabetic Medicine.
Healthy arteries with good muscle tone are needed for a healthy penis [read more…]

Is Active Surveillance Appropriate for all Prostate Cancer?

Many men with low or very low risk prostate cancer benefit from active surveillance. Active surveillance monitors progression with PSA and repeat biopsy to delay treatment until it is necessary. This delays the adverse side effects of treatment and the studies so far show no harm comes from it in selected patients.
A recent [read more…]

Young Men Have Tripled Testosterone Use

In the last ten years the number of younger men using testosterone supplements has tripled. 18-45 year old men are the group most likely to have children, and testosterone can have a devastating effect on fertility. Nonetheless usage has gone up considerably, especially for injectable forms of testosterone. Dr. Rao, of Johns [read more…]

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