Young Men Have Tripled Testosterone Use

In the last ten years the number of younger men using testosterone supplements has tripled. 18-45 year old men are the group most likely to have children, and testosterone can have a devastating effect on fertility. Nonetheless usage has gone up considerably, especially for injectable forms of testosterone. Dr. Rao, of Johns Hopkins, performed the study that also found that as many as 20% of the men getting testosterone therapy had not had appropriate labs done prior to starting the medication.

Testosterone supplements will trick the hypothalamus and pituitary glands into thinking there is plenty of it, so the testicles will get less of a signal to produce testosterone. The testicles shrink, and sperm production drops or in some cases stops altogether. Also, if any man takes testosterone for a perceived mood or energy level lift without actually being deficient there is an enhanced risk of cardiac and liver disease.

Please be careful about starting testosterone at any age without a clear need. And if you want to father a child, please make that known because alternatives to testosterone are available that don’t sacrifice fertility.

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