President Obama Checked His PSA

The US Preventive Services Task Force, or USPSTF, recently advocated against routine screening for prostate cancer, saying that multiple studies have shown that doing so confers no benefit to the population at large. The recommendation used the data from studies that do not include high risk populations like african-american men or men with family histories of prostate cancer. The studies were flawed and limited, and the USPSTF recommendation is flawed and limited as well.

I hope that all at-risk men continue to want screening for prostate cancer. It would be horrible to have complications and problems from undiagnosed prostate cancer. Getting screened continues to be a personal choice, and in my opinion a good choice.

Evidently President Obama thinks screening is good too, since he himself had a PSA test done during his last annual physical. He has the best doctors and treatments available to him, and with their advice he decided to get screened for prostate cancer with the PSA test. If the President thinks it is the right thing to do, then why shouldn’t it be right for everyone…..

If you have a few minutes, take a look at how to contact your congressman and other elected officials at the AACU web site. If everyone contacts their representatives, perhaps this poor choice by the USPSTF can be reversed so that men with prostate cancer can be diagnosed before it adversely affects their lives.

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