Men’s Health Is An Important Area Of Urology

In the practice of medicine it is easy to focus on the problem at hand and to address the disease that is the problem’s root cause. Sometimes in this effort the overall well-being of the patient is lost. Many problems have a number of associated symptoms, and many treatments have unintended side-effects and results.

Lately there is a renewed emphasis on mens health and overall well-being. I applaud this effort, and think that while a lot has been done in this area, there is a lot more to do going forward. A lot of information is coming to light regarding testosterone supplementation in men. Who should have it, who should not? When is it given in prostate cancer situations? What happens when we supplement it for a long time in young men; or older men? What are the problems it causes? Are those problems temporary or permanent? Will harm come to the person if they get testosterone supplementation? All these questions come to mind.

Every man contemplating his health as he ages should consider all of the appropriate issues before embarking on a personal plan to change habits and adopt therapies. It is difficult to wade through the huge volume of literature on the Internet and media. Discussions of this type are easily had in our office, with your particular situation in mind. I’m looking forward to that conversation.

All men deserve optimal health as they age. Believe some of what you see and read; come talk about what is best for you.

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