Sleeping Badly May Worsen Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

A Boston Area study looked at 1610 men and 2535 women who completed a questionnaire asking them about their lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and other factors, including the amount and quality of sleep they get each night. Lower urinary tract symptoms include nocturia, frequency and urgency. The researchers looked at short sleep duration of less than 5 hours, and restless sleep at least one night a week. The study tried to determine if short sleepers or restless sleepers had more LUTS five years after their poor sleep habits started.

Women with restless sleep were 17.2% likely to have LUTS, compared to 10.4% among restful sleepers. Incontinence occurred in 13% and 7.1% of these women respectively. Nocturia occurred 25.1% vs 13.5%. LUTS occurred 1.5 times more in restless women, and incontinence/nocturia 2 times more often.

Men with short sleep duration were 12.5% likely to have LUTS, compared to 7.5% of long sleepers. Restless men had an 11.5% LUTS incidence compared to 6.4% of restful men.

Having trouble with lower urinary tract symptoms? Get more rest? While that might not be a full solution, it appears to be part of the story.

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