Obesity may raise risk of infertility

A recent study published by the Urological Research Center of the Sao Paulo Federal University in Brazil studied the charts of 943 patients aged 19 to 50 years who came to the university for assisted reproduction therapy between 2004 and 2008. The patients were divided into three categories based on Body-Mass-Index (BMI); normal, overweight, and obese. They saw that obese men had a lower sperm concentration and motility compared to normal-weight men. They say that varicoceles, which can also cause these findings, were equal between the groups and not a factor in the result.

A few years ago a study by lead author Markku Sallmen, Ph.D., at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, said their researchers found that a 20-pound increase in a man’s weight may increase the chance of infertility by about 10 percent. Their studies were based on questionnaires and did not delve into the details of why they might be infertile.

So not only is being overweight bad for your heart and kidneys, but it is also bad for sperm quality too. Seems like a fit body is needed to make the fittest sperm?

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