Information from various sources and the FAA related to aviation medicine. Getting the certificate is just about meeting the standards....

General Info

To schedule an AME visit, please call (225) 754-5017 and leave a message; we will call back within a day. Before the exam please go online to MedXpress and create the application. Print out the application and make sure you have the confirmation number when you arrive. Please put everything down, even if previously reported. Make sure to bring any special issuance paperwork or any other correspondence you have ever gotten from the FAA because we won't have it if you don't bring it.

If you have a condition listed on a CACI worksheet it saves time if you printed the sheet and had your doctor certify that you meet all the standards. A letter from the doctor is best, but the sheet signed and annotated by them can work sometimes. If you have nothing from your doctor I will do my best to work with what you do have.

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