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Young Men Have Tripled Testosterone Use

In the last ten years the number of younger men using testosterone supplements has tripled. 18-45 year old men are the group most likely to have children, and testosterone can have a devastating effect on fertility. Nonetheless usage has gone up considerably, especially for injectable forms of testosterone. Dr. Rao, of Johns [read more…]

Sleep Apnea Is An Important Cause of Nocturia

Most doctors assume that when a man is getting up often to urinate that the cause must be an enlarged prostate and some blockage of flow. Nocturia is the term used for arising from a sleep to use the toilet. While an enlarged prostate is one cause there are other very important reasons [read more…]

8 Things That Cause Overactive Bladder

1. Caffeine tops the list. I have this conversation with patients two or three times a day. Caffeine is a powerful drug, and makes the bladder squeeze way before it should. Caffeine is more powerful than most overactive bladder medications! It is found in coffee, but also has high levels in [read more…]

Penile Implants Restore Virility

As men age, their ability to keep an erection goes down. Just like the heart has little blood vessels that clog and close down over the years, the penis has little blood vessels that do the same thing. A lot of men get a heart bypass surgery, but there isn’t anything like that [read more…]

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